About Us


Our Background

Wildlife SOS (Save Our Species) was founded in the Clarence Valley, in northern New South Wales. This region is internationally recognised for its high level of biodiversity.

Wide ranging and differing ecosystems are offered from our coastline, through the wetlands and plains of the river, to the forests in the hinterland. However, there are many threats affecting the wellbeing of our native animals and their habitat. The members of Wildlife SOS are committed to reducing the impact of those threats.

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation. We work with individuals, community groups and government to achieve positive outcomes for native wildlife, and the habitat in which they live.

Objects of the Association

  1. Actively support the conservation of Australian native animals and their natural habitat.
  2. Promote understanding and support for the well-being of wildlife.
  3. Recognise the requirements of wildlife with regard to the survival of the species and the needs of the individual animal.
  4. Operate pro-actively to reduce the distress and rate of injury to wildlife.
  5. Maintain a cooperative relationship with government agencies and the community to facilitate a positive response to conservation and wildlife welfare issues.
  6. Contribute to scientific knowledge and research of native animals.