Below is a collection of videos, reports, and other media, relating to the work and activities of Wildlife SOS.

Reports have been provided with permission from other environmental experts and relate to animal welfare and other key issues of interest to the group.
(all copyright and ownership rights remain with the authors)

Habitat lossVideos have been provided with the permission of film and documentary maker, Santi Acera – these videos are a wonderful way to see our wildlife interacting in their natural environments.

If you would like to contact the group about any press opportunities, please do so here as we are always grateful for the chance to share what we do with the community.


Lawrence Egret Colony

(A short film by Santi Acera)

Eastern Grey Kangaroos

(Short video by Santi Acera)

Maclean Flying Foxes

(Short video by Santi Acera)


(Short video by Santi Acera)


Management of Urban Flying-fox Camps (Roberts B.J. 2006)
[PDF File – Size 2.3MB]

Osprey Feeding Behaviour (Clancy, G – originally published by Corella)
[PDF File – Size 50KB]

Osprey Breeding Biology (Clancy, G – originally published by Corella)
[PDF File – Size 1.1MB]

Black-Necked Stork Distribution (Clancy, G – originally published by Corella)
[PDF File – Size 6.6MB]